Actions You Can Take Today

1. Call Kellogg's at 800-962-1413to thank them for removing their ad dollars from Breitbart

2. Email to urge them to move forward with the Michigan recount despite Trump's objections:

Sample text: As a registered voter, I am deeply concerned with the voting issues that took place in the state of Michigan this November. I also understand that Donald Trump has filed a last minute recount objection that will be ruled upon on Friday December 2nd. I strongly urge the Review Board to dismiss his objection and move forward with the Michigan recount as soon as possible so as not to lose any more time than we have already lost. It is imperative to have complete trust in our election system whether, Democrat or Republican, and given the close race in Michigan and numerous reports of issues (voter suppression, broken machines) this recount is vital to the integrity of our democracy. Sincerely,

3. Sign and share this petition to Declassify all information related to possible Russian or Foreign State Interference in the 2016 election: