The Light From Our Steps

The light from our steps shined on the morning,

slicing the long net of nightmares and fear.

The reins of our future were laced through our fingers,

without mounts or weapons, our pathway was clear.

I stepped in the wave, keeping time with the marchers;

a blind woman swept the ground with her cane.

Babies and fathers, wheelchairs and banners

moved with the swell, and walked without shame.

Treading their paths, we honored our foremothers,

our past and our future both danced in the sun.

With righteous anger, we broke the locks open.

Set free from illusion, in grace we were one.

No fear overtook us. No evil befell us.

Through the street filled with marchers, I glimpsed the white cane.

Our streets were our oceans, our bodies our rivers,

our words became groundwater, calling our names.

The world owns the memories of the morning we shared,

when three million marchers stretched over the earth.

When power and love awoke with the sunrise,

with truth as our story, and courage our worth.

Jane O’Shields-Hayner is a writer and a visual artist. She writes essays, non-fiction, memoir, poetry and historical fiction, all addressing universal issues. She produces and exhibits drawings and paintings, which, like her written works, are expressions of her spiritual and biographical journey.