Naked Congress by Amy Shimshon-Santo

I want to make congress naked, I will

confiscate their underwear, microphones

slick black shoes, leather belts, dry

cleaned slacks, synthetic socks, gold-

buttoned blazers their covering and

concealing fascist inclinations dangling

on hangars, klan hoods bundled in

the trunks of the car. I demand

this office oval and both houses stop

speaking in microphones to the public unless

they disrobe. naked truth. no more lies

they can wear clothes at home if they want

keep their masculinity and lemon candy

favorite playbooks and scorecards

give me all their clothes so I can

make a bonfire.

no more sedated hand clapping

to the sound of their tin voices

no more standing up and sitting down before

the flag, no more lying to the multitudes,

congress shouldn't be an outhouse

the constitution flattened parchment

fiber grown in fields, plucked

and seeded by people who don’t

dress in fantasy. no more fantasyland

for you, senators. none. I don’t want

to be saved, mansplained, told,

or decided for, misrepresented

by the screensaver light of their own

self-interested tiny groomed white

heads behind desks and pews.

I’m tired of their fictional universe

pointing star struck at them selves

McConnell’s nipples, that’s all

I want to see them jiggling while he talks.

Trump's protuberance of a pork belly,

resting on his microphallus as he lifts

his right hand and faces the TV cameras.

no more sound-bytes, fact checking or quotations — just skin, caucasian chalk

their assholes and knees lined up behind see-

through podiums and desks.

Come out, come

out, as they really are — come out with their hoods

between their legs.

No new rules rewritten

all over our bodies that, apparently,

have no right to choose no more

cover-ups concealing our actual origins

a woman’s womb, her breasts, our bodies

without a say. Patriarchy echoes through their

chamber, a multitude of white

men with 16 inch folded collars. End this

escapade, no more excuses. end

their platform, influence and birther lies. I want

a rebirth of truth

Amy Shimshon-Santo is a writer, educator, and catalyst who believes the arts and culture are powerful tools for personal and social transformation. Her interdisciplinary work bridges the arts, urban planning, and education.