his father's trusted son

Srinivas Kuchibhotla memorial

two Indian men

in their thirties

both engineers

met after work for a beer

at a strip mall

in Austin's Bar and Grill

where they were well known

a man walked in

accosted the two friends

“get out of my country”

the T V was loud

they ignored him


he was back with a gun

shots rang out

one immigrant, Srinivasn,

a Hindu

was on the floor


the other wounded

Brad removed his shirt

and tied it tight around Alok’s

leg to staunch the bleeding

Ian was shot

trying to intervene

a few days later, Srinivasan’s wife

Sunaya said they

had so many dreams…

they love America and wanted to

do much for “this” country

her heart broken

now he is every where

and no where

his clothes

his side of the sink

she thinks of the way

he used to brush, shower

he was a very loved child

his father’s

trusted son

she said

as her voice



a whisper.

Deenaz Coachbuilder is a first generation immigrant from India. She is a retired school principal, professor in Special Education, and a consulting speech pathologist. She has received a Fulbright scholarship and numerous awards, including one recently from President Obama. Her paintings in oil have been exhibited in solo shows and in diverse venues. Her poetry, commentaries and essays have appeared in international, national and regional publications Her recent book of poems Imperfect Fragments was received with critical acclaim. She resides in Riverside, CA and Seattle.