The Blazing World by Diane G. Martin

"Your Blazing-World, beyond the Stars mounted higher,

Enlightens all with a Calestial Fier.”

William Cavendish

"It was easy; it’s still easy. You simply refuse to answer the woman. You

don’t engage in a dialogue. You let her words, or her pictures die.”

The Blazing World, Siri Hustvedt

The thieving, venomous old merchant wrenched

the torch from Lady Liberty’s grasp, clenched

her breast in gnashing teeth, and set alight

our Constitution, then our Bill of Rights.

Imprisoned in his tower, bound by shame,

the Empress loosed her tresses, slid to flames

ignited here and there to light her ground

by wretched refuse, tired, poor, huddling clowns.

Majestic head disguised by ragged wrap,

the Poet carries children to the knap,

retreats by shining tracks, and exits by

a crack through golden door. The waves are high

off teeming shore. Instead of lamp are

blazing words—the ones he burned—become stars.

January 29, 2017

St. Petersburg, Russia


Diane G. Martin, Russian literature specialist, Willamette University graduate, has just been awarded first prize at Lunch Ticket’s Diana Woods Memorial Award for Creative Nonfiction, and has published work in numerous literary journals including New London Writers, Vine Leaves Literary Review, Poetry Circle, Open: Journal of Arts and Letters, Breath and Shadow, the Willamette Review of the Liberal Arts, Portland Review of Art, Pentimento, Twisted Vine Leaves, The Examined Life, Wordgathering, Dodging the Rain, Antiphon, Dark Ink, Gyroscope, Poor Yorick, Rhino, Conclave, Slipstream,Stonecoast Review, Steam Ticket, Pigeonholes, Shantih, Zingara, and The Grief Diaries.

Long-time resident of San Francisco, CA, Maine, USA, St. Petersburg, Russia, and Sansepolcro, Italy, Diane has traveled throughout much of the world. The themes of exile, disability, and displacement pervade her work.