River Running by Helen Patrice

There's a weeping man

by the river running dark and full.

His tears add to spray

that leaps from hidden rocks.

There's a weeping man

washing his hands of his past.

Semen and beer dilute

to droplets in river water flowing away


There's a weeping man

by the river running fast.

Whoever sees him knows

her words are the next to die.

There's a weeping man

by the river rushing strong

Only a grand coven

of witch-bitches can stop him.

There's a weeping man

who uses his tears like knives,

The clothes he washes

are stained with blood and no and stop.

There's a weeping man

in the river making sure

his victims drown in shouts,

are gulping down the cold.

There’s a man on a high rock.

He does not cry.

There are times for that.

The river waits below.

Helen Patrice is an Australian poet, memoirist, fictioneer, and non-fiction writer. She has appeared in many genre and literary journals in Australia, and overseas. Her publications include: Meanjin, The Age newspaper, The Australian newspaper, Mattoid, Southerly. Her first book of poetry A WOMAN OF MARS was blurbed by no less a person than Ray Bradbury.