De Mujer a Mujer by Lisbeth Coiman

To Venezuela.

Mujer, I talk to you without hair on my tongue

As clear as this blue sky over our heads

Here is a mojito

Take a sip

I don’t have a drawer inside to hold unspoken truths

Young, attractive, educated,

and fucking rich

You ain’t anything but naïve.

You have fallen in every trap.

First, they hit on you

Wrap you around their pinky fingers

As soon as you spread your legs

they beat you

Kidnap you

Rape you

Enslave you

Starve you.

Not to enjoy your body,

Mind you, it’s hot.

All they want is to live on your back

Fucking pimps

Fanning their testicles

Dilapidating your infinite wealth

Is that mojito strong enough?

Easy, mujer.

I want you alert.

Not drunk.

Me echó tierrita en los ojos.

Yeah right. See where his sweet talk brought you.

You’ve become a beggar in rags

Eating from the garbage truck

Stretching to the right hoping for a hand-out to feed your brood.

No puedo ver a tantos niños muriendo de hambre.

Look at the one who says he’ll defend you

While waving his friends flags, not yours

Look at his watch, his private jet, his meals,

feasts for kings.

Where do you think that comes from?

His door-to-door sales of Avon products?

His driving a bus?

Su verdadera cara escondida detrás de una bandera caduca.

Every time a new jack shows up at your door

Warming up your ears

You fall to same old trick

And show him your black gold well.

Now, it seems that you woke up

Learning to play this complicated chess game

Just to make the world pay attention to your sorrow.

Good for you. It’s a small step in the right direction

Now, stop being such a pendeja.

Get your children together

And set yourself free.

Lizbeth Coiman is a bilingual writer from Venezuela, standing on a blurred line between mental health and immigration. She also writes for Venezuela, the land of her youth, Venezuela's landscape always present behind her eyelashes when she closes her eyes to sleep at night. Her work has been published in Entropy, Nailed, The Literary Kitchen, and Rabid Oaks, among other online magazines and journals. Her book, I Asked the Blue Heron: A Memoir, 2017, explores the intersection between mental illness and immigration, celebrates friendship, and draws attention to child abuse. She's an active member of Women Who Submit - Los Angeles, and Womxn's Write Inn, in Long Beach, CA. She teaches English as a Second Language to adult students in Los Angeles. She also dances salsa to beat depression.