Census 2020: A Quiz by Désirée Zamorano

Quizzes can be a way to get to know yourself better. Please self-identify to the best of your ability.

1. During apartheid in South Africa these would be your choices. Choose the one that best describes you:

a) White

b) Black

c) Coloured

d) Indian or Asian

2.In 1897 the Smithsonian Institute compiled a comprehensive list and representations of the 33 races. Which best describes you?

Russian Slav Blond European Brunette European Modern Greek Persian (Iranian) Circassian Hindu Hungarian Semite/Jew Arab (Bedouin) Turk Modern Egyptian (Hamite) Abyssinian Malay Polynesian Australian Negrito (Indian Archipelago) Zulu (Ubantu) Papuan Sudan Negro Akka (Dwarf African Negro) Fuegian Botocudo Pueblo Indian Eskimo Plains Indian Samoyete Korean Japanese Ainu Burmese Tibetan Chinese

3. If you chose Semite/Jew please mark your tribal affiliation:

Reuben Simeon Levi Judah Issachar Zebulun

Dan Naphtali Gad Asher Joseph Benjamin

3b. (Ephraim and Manasseh, please identify under the tribe of Joseph)

4. These are the first classifications used on our continent. Please choose the label which best describes you:

Español Peninsular Criollo Chino

Indio Mestizo Castizo Prieto

Cholo Pardo Mulato Cambujo

Zambo Negro Cimarron Moreno

Please mark questions 5 and 6 as either True or False

5. White is the first racial category listed on the US Census 2020?

__True __False

6. White was the first racial category on the US Census 2010

__True __False

Open ended prompts:

7. In which races does the multiplicative identity property function?

8. Which races are identifiable by DNA?

9. If you have had your DNA tested, what is your blood quantum for white?

True/False answers:

5. True

6. True

Désirée Zamorano is an award-winning short story writer and the author of the critically acclaimed novel The Amado Women. A frequent contributor to the LA Review of Books, her essays and short stories can be found at Cultural Weekly, Catapult, Huizache, and Kenyon Review.