How to Make Your Own Easter by Cassie Premo Steele

First you have to sleep. So you can wake

At dawn, and see the stone you placed

Upon yourself has been rolled away.

You might have done it yourself

After two or three beers, but you

Can’t remember. It doesn’t matter.

What matters is matter. Making

Coffee is a sacred act. When you

Hand it to your wife, say, This

Is my blood, given in remembrance

Of love. Apologize to each other

Five minutes later when one of

You snaps at the other because

The dance of mind and clock

Created some urgency. It will

Pass. Clean out the cupboard.

Arrange what has not expired

Nicely and recycle the cartons

And take out the trash of what

Has. Do the dishes. Gloves.

Hot water. Scrub them lovingly

But hard like you are bathing

Your baby daughter. Make ham

Soup. Use the bone from the being

Who gave his life for you. Add

A can of split pea soup from

Germany. Cut the onions and

Garlic like a ceremony. Smell

Their juices rising in butter

Like incense. This is a high

Holiday. Write a letter to your

Mother while it simmers.

Include a photo of you and

Your daughter from the 4th

Of July right before 9/11 in it,

The baby wearing the dress

From Peru your sister gave

You. Remember that physical

Touch and all objects have

Always been alive like this.

Feed the birds. Sit down to

Write. Listen to the words

Of your wife as she takes

A phone call from someone

Confirming our address.

Know that sounds are a

Blessing of vibration and

Location and are only an

Interruption when our minds

Tell us this. Smile at the

Chickens. Watch your dog

Sniff. Breathe in. Listen to your

Body poke her fingers in your

Belly because you have not

Yet had breakfast. Gather

The eggs. Slice bread. Use butter

And honey, and when you feed

Yourself, let it be a communion

With the heron who lands

In the ash tree. Everything

Now is holy. Resurrect this.

Cassie Premo Steele, Ph.D., is an ecofeminist poet, novelist, and TEDx speaker. She lives in South Carolina with her wife and 20-year old daughter who is now attending college from her bedroom. Her most recent book is The ReSisters, a #1 bestselling LGBT YA novel. Her website is