Lady/Liberty/Lit is a journal spotlighting women-identifying and gender-non-conforming writers who address experiences of, and ideas about, freedom of voice and body. Freedom, of course, can take many forms—creative, political, physical, emotional, intellectual. It can be born of experiences as diverse as coming out, making reproductive decisions, being vocal about invisible disability, being of service, saying no, saying yes, leaving an abusive situation, waking up politically, making subversive art, breaking silence, calling out injustice, starting a boycott, creating or participating in direct action, breaking free of old patterns, even something as simple as skinny dipping in the ocean. We would love to hear about your own personal take on liberation—what, or who, in your life, has given you a sense of spaciousness, of possibility, of agency? 

Please send up to 3 poems, and up to 1,200 words of fiction or creative non-fiction, along with a brief bio, to We are also looking for interviews with women who have worked for freedom or deeply embody it, as well as calls to action. If you are sending something of a particular urgent nature, please write "Time Sensitive" in the subject line. 

We are happy to consider previously published material, as long as you hold reprint rights. We sadly can't offer any compensation at this time, but you retain all reprint rights when you publish here. We are especially eager to provide a platform for voices from the margins, voices that haven't been heard nearly enough. 

Thank you so much for your interest in Lady/Liberty/Lit. We look forward to reading your work